Bringing People Together
Through the
Wonderful World of Magic!

Amazing Magic, Uplifting Message, Captivating Music, and Mirth (that means fun!)

Wholesome Quality Entertainment for all ages
that you will feel good about engaging

What I offer 

  • High quality entertainment
  • Clean and respectable performance
  • Fun, unique presentation for your next event
  • Your guests will have a great time and talk about how enjoyable your event was.

Planning a memorable event can be stressful. Are you worried about…

  • Making sure people have a good time at your event?
  • Finding quality entertainment that is suitable for all ages?
  • Hiring a performer who will treat your guests respectfully and steer clear of crude content?
  • Being embarrassed about the entertainment you hired for your event?

I understand. The “Life is Magical” Show is a clean, quality production that is appropriate for all ages. As a father and corporate executive, I fully understand the importance of providing entertainment that is suitable for all audiences. If you desire a clean, quality show that inspires, delights and captivates your guests, then I am the right entertainer for your event. I offer you complete peace of mind.

I would love to add powerful and fun elements into your next event. My material does not put people down or embarrass them. Instead, I incorporate pieces that engage people, brighten their mood, and leave them inspired.

Ron Best Magician

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The “Life is Magical” Show

The “Life is Magical” Show brings people together. Even during difficult times, the show will bring a smile to all audiences. Whether it be a family function, a corporate celebration, church event, youth camp or any other gathering, my show will add cheer and liveliness. Honor your guests with an amazing performance that leaves them inspired. And yes, you will be the hero! Your guests will thank you for inviting them to your special event.

Ron Spangler Magic - Best Magician

Our Goal

Ron believes that great magic shouldn’t be about just fooling the audience. He believes magic reveals the mystery of life, is fun, educates, intrigues and inspires. Magic can teach positive life values and leave each person with a story they can’t wait to share with others.

With this philosophy, Ron created a perfect show that truly stands by its name – The “Life is Magical” Show.

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